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2012-2013 Fall/Winter Invitational

An Important Message About Our February 2-3 FISH OFF Event
So there is no misunderstanding, the Saturday, February 2, and the Sunday February 3 Fish Offs are two separate events. The top 30 boats from Saturday tournaments will be invited to fish the Saturday Fish Off and the top 30 boats from the Sunday tournaments will be invited to fish the Sunday Fish Off. Each event will have 1st thru 8th place payouts plus Big Fish plus Second Big Fish payouts.

Registration for the 2012 Carolina Coach Fall/Winter Invitational Tournament starts on Saturday September 8th @ 9:00AM at Carolina Coach & Marine in Claremont, NC. The tournament will be held between November 24 – February 3rd. The membership fee is $25 per person. WE’RE GIVING AWAY A GUARANTEED $4,000 MINIMUM AT EACH EVENT. This is also a Triton Gold sanctioned event, huge money from Triton Boats! Follow the link below for the rules and more info.

$4,000 Guaranteed Minimum Payout at Each Event

Tournaments held on Lake Norman at Midway Marina/Boathouse Grill

Saturday Events

Sunday Events

Nov 24th

8:00am to 4:00pm

Nov 11th

Dec 1st

8:00am to 4:00pm

Nov 18th

Dec 15

8:00am to 4:00pm

Dec 9th

Dec 22nd

8:00am to 4:00pm

Dec 16th

Jan 5th

8:00am to 4:00pm

Dec 30th

Jan 12th

8:00am to 4:00pm

Jan 6th

Jan 26th

8:00am to 4:00pm

*Hours may vary depending on weather conditions & the number of participants.  Flights will be established at each tournament under the discretion of the Tournament Director.

Jan 20th

FISH OFF will be held Sat. Feb 2nd and Sun. Feb 3rd
Top 30 teams from each trail will qualify!


Membership / Entry Fees

$80 Entry Fee/Boat Includes Big Fish • $25 per Person Membership Fee

Membership fee entitles you to fish Saturday Trail, Sunday Trail or BOTH!

100% Plus Payback

– Additional door prizes and awards will be given at each event by our event sponsors and Carolina Coach & Marine.
-All enrollment fees, less event administrative fees, will be paid back to participants at each event.


Any event, 1st place winner, owning and fishing from a Triton Boat, new or used, purchased from Carolina Coach & Marine, will receive a bonus of $500. This $500 will NOT be taken from tournament enrollment fees, but will be paid courtesy of Carolina Coach & Marine.

Any event, 1st place winner, owning and fishing from any other brand of boat purchased from Carolina Coach & Marine, non-Triton, will receive a bonus of $200, courtesy of Carolina Coach & Marine.


Tournament Rules

1. RULES INTERPRETATIONS: The tournament rules committee (Tournament Committee) shall be soley responsible for the interpretation and
enforcement of tournament rules. The rules committee will rule on any unusual situations which may occur. Its decision will be final in all instances.
2. ELIGIBILITY OF PARTICIPANTS: Participation in tournaments is open to anglers 16 years of age or older (unless accompanied by a parent or guardian).
Proof of age is the responsibility of participants. Each contestant must be a member of the 2012/13 CCM Fall/Winter Invitational. $25.00 per year for
membership. 2012/13 CCM Fall/Winter Team membership covers Saturday and Sunday trails.
3. EARLY TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION:Bring Completed Application & Checks (Payable to Carolina Coach) to our Open House on September 8 starting at 9:00AM; or mail
Completed Application/Checks after September 8 to Carolina Coach, 3300 Centennial Blvd. Claremont, NC 28610 Registrations will also
be accepted the morning of the tournament. One member of each team must register their team prior to starting time. Both participants must sign release
completely to be eligible to fish. Please enclose tournament fees.
4. A maximum of five (5) fish per team will be weighed in. Fish must be weighed in alive. Dead fish 8oz. penalty and cannot be weighed for big fish. Teams
bringing fish to scales must be caught by that team in tournamentwaters during tournament hours.
5. BOATS & MOTORS: There shall be no restriction on size or type of boat used or the size of the motor used,with the stipulation that all boats must be
judged seaworthy by the tournament committee and must be equipped with at least one aerated live well. However, boats should not be overpowered by their
rating plate.
6. TACKLE PERMITTED: Fly, spinning, casting, or spin-casting reels and rods will be approved for use in these tournaments. All bass must be caught in a
sporting manner on artificial lures only (except pork chunks are allowed). A participant may only use one rod at a time. No trolling or live bait.
Chumming not allowed.
7. TOURNAMENT IDENTIFICATION: Prior to each day’s start all boats will be inspected. Each boat will be assigned a start number.
8. DISQUALIFICATION: Any boat not in weigh in area promptly at the appointed check in time will be disqualified for that event.
9. FISH LIMIT 5 PER BOAT: Largemouth & spotted bass only. All fish 14” minimum except 2 fish per boat may be weighed in less than 14.” All fish must be
returned immediately to the water of Lake Norman after completion of weigh in.
10. PENALTY: Violation of any of these rules may be cause of suspension or disqualification from this or all future tournaments.
11. FISHING CONDITIONS: Tournament will be held regardless of weather conditions. However, the tournament officials may cancel the tournament or
change starting times or location as it is deemed necessary for the safety of the anglers.
12. SPORTSMANSHIP: All tournament participants are expected to behave as professional sportsmen demonstration good fellowship, integrity and respect
for their fellow participants. Poor conduct will not be tolerated by the Tournament Director.
13. STARTING POSITIONS: Starting positions will be in the order that applications are received.
14. POLYGRAPH: Polygraph will be given at selected events. Random teams will be polygraphed. Individual participants may be polygraphed at the discretion of the Tournament Director. Failure to pass will forfeit all winnings and disqualify the participant or team from any Carolina Coach & Marine event(s).
15. POINTS: Top 30 teams from each trail qualify for championship NO EXCEPTIONS. $10 per boat will be held for championship. Championship entry will
be $80.
16. Teams are permitted to fish Saturday or Sunday trails; however Saturday and Sunday points shall not be combined.
17. TEAM TOURNAMENT: 2 persons per boat; however, a member may fish this trail solo at the tournament directors discretion.
18. CHAMPIONSHIPS for each event will be held on February 2nd & 3rd, 2013, for contestants who qualify (at Tournament Director’s discretion). Only a
total of 30 boats will compete at each event.
19. Any area that is not accessible by boat is off limits. This includes cables, no boat areas, fishing over skimmer wall and dam areas.
20. No Cell Phones or Communication Devices may be used during tournament hours unless there is an emergency or boater(s) has obtained special
permission from the Tournament Director beforehand.
21. Tournament Director’s decision is final except on a case by case basis where the Tournament Committee may be asked to rule by the Director.
22. Only 150 boats maximum eligible to fish on Saturday or Sunday trails.
*Rules subject to change at the discretion of the CCM Tournament Committee or the Tournament Director

Click Here to get the Entry Form

Bring Completed Application & Checks (Payable to Carolina Coach) to our Open House on September 8 or mail completed application/checks after September 8 to Carolina Coach, 3300 Centennial Blvd. Claremont, NC 28610
For more information, Contact Mike at 704-634-1157


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