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Marine Open House

Hey Guys,

It was great to see such a large turnout Saturday at our OPEN HOUSE.  “Thanks” for coming!  We registered 67 boats for the upcoming CCM Winter Invitational and expect many, many more before the first tournament start dates of November 11th for Sundays and November 24th, Saturdays.  We were a bit slow getting everyone registered and learned we will need more pretty girls to help us next time.  If you didn’t get registered, you can continue registering by completing an application and forwarding same with payment per the instructions on our website (www.teamprobass.com).

I think we all enjoyed meeting and hearing Shaw Grigsby…just a regular guy and exceptional pro of 28 years (and with a great sense of humor and very competitive attitude).  You can easily see why his television show is so entertaining and popular.  Triton is fortunate to have a man of his caliber representing their boats, not to mention the fact that he sincerely loves his “money making Triton 21HP”.

Was a good day!  Good fellowship, good chow and an opportunity for you to visit our store.   If you know of something we can improve on or do better, let us know.  We’re listening!  We want you to be our marine partners and we’re here to cater to you!

See ya’ on the lake.