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Roger Hoover & Chuck Poovey

2013-2014 Winter Trail Results – Sunday 12/01/13

Week three of the TeamProBass.com 2013-2014 Winter Trail (Formerly DJ’s Winter Trail). Click in the search field to find participants by name.

1st 41Roger Hoover & Chuck Poovey14.80$1,000.00
2nd 57Shawn Lawrence & Andrew Shundich13.00$600.00
3rd 8Chad Midkiff12.90$400.00 (+ $510 big fish)
4th15Nick Miller & Brandon Brickweg12.90$300.00
5th108Anthony Johnson & Shane Lineberger12.65$200.00
6th34Robert Stiltner & Alfred Kiesling11.80$100.00
7th72John Franklin & Bobby Latuch11.30
8th81Jason Yount & Alton Rockett9.90
9th103Phillip Frady & Dirk Porter9.75
10th83Jerry Bono & Jason Riggs9.75
11th30Sheldon Hipps & Ronnie Kobos9.70
12th37Jeff Johnson & Nathan White9.50
13th87Brian Key & Hunter Key9.30
14th101Brian Huskins & Cole Huskins9.15
15th9Michael Steele & Steve Addington8.75
16th55Mike Kirkley & Jessie Cadewherel8.65
17th104Jeremy Joyner8.55
18th63Scott Tate & Dale Duncan8.45
19th4JD Barber & Jack Fraiser8.40
20th69Kevin Phillips & Terry Royston8.30
21st5Barry Deas & JW Willoughby8.25
22nd77Anthony Lutz & Brian Morgan8.05
23rd21Jamie Canipe & Maverick Canipe7.75
24th82Stephen McLeod & Mark Konzer7.60
25th76Lance Zertuche & Maurice Wallace7.55
26th43Matt McBee & Charles Brock7.40
27th17David Pless & Keith Revis7.05
28th53Tracy Brown7.00
29th19Tom Campazna & Rodney Russell6.60
30th59Charles Hobbs & Matt Benge6.40
31st58Danny Allison & Rocky Hood6.35
32nd33Paul Tsiolkas & Anothony Tsiolkas6.35
33rd107Jeremy Bouldn & Les Waller6.25
34th14Larry Neill & Brandon Neill6.25
35th89Aaron Jordan6.20
36th60Ben Parker & Carson Cochron5.80
37th61Greg Storey & Charlotte Story1.35
38th56Kenny Hoyle & Todd Phillips0.00
39th18David Lynch & Richard Outlaw0.00
40th36Pete Bejte & Doug Easton0.00
41st105Dave Whitehead & Greg Berst0.00
42nd62Jeff O'Connor & Josh Good0.00
43rd86Lance Eckford & Wyatt Eckford0.00
44th106Matthew Walters & Coty Walters0.00
45th32Ashley Brotherton & Leo Thoreston0.00
46th64John Miller & Nor Low0.00
47th99Craig Chambers & Keith Ogden0.00
48th31Jason Wilson & Matt Stout0.00
49th75Brian Branch & Mike Branch0.00
50th78Brian Davis & Jamie Lassiter0.00

Total Sunday Tournament Payout: $5,790.00

Total Winter Trail Tournament Payout: $12,380.00

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Winter Trail weigh-in with Greg King from TeamProBass.com and Carolina Coach & Marine. Congratulations to Roger Hoover & Chuck Poovey, the day’s top fishermen!

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