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2013-2014 Winter Trail Results – Sunday 12/15/13

Week five of the TeamProBass.com 2013-2014 Winter Trail (Formerly DJs Winter Trail). Congratulations to Scott Hamrick for placing first in the tournament AND making Triton Gold! Click in the search field to find participants by name.

1st 41Scott Hamrick15.20$1,000.00 (+ $500 Triton Gold + $300 Tournament Bonuses*)
2nd 15Nick Miller & Mac Mccormick14.15$500.00
3rd 83Jerry Bono & Jason Riggs12.20$250.00 (+ $370 big fish)
4th11David Cook & Eddie Cook12.00$100.00
5th72Rocky Franklin & Yank Latuch11.40$100.00
6th80Bucky Helms & Shane Hawkins11.15fishing rod door prize
7th56Kenny Hoyle & Todd Phillips10.80
8th36Pete Bejte & Doug Easton10.60
9th44Cole Huskins9.40
10th63Scott Tate & Dale Duncan9.10
11th75Brian Branch & Mike Branch9.00hat & tackle box door prize
12th108Anthony Johnson & Shane Lineberger8.90service coupon door prize
13th46Hank Cherry8.55
14th4JD Barber & Jack Fraiser8.30
15th87Brian Key & Hunter Key7.65
16th32Ashley Brotherton & Leo Thoreston7.60
17th33Paul Tsiolkas & Anothony Tsiolkas7.45
18th53Tracy Brown & Rick Mast6.55
19th69Terry Royston & Graham Rushing6.50
20th65Danny Mason & Josh Norton 6.40
21st89Aaron Jordan6.15
22nd14Larry Neill & Brandon Neill0.00
23rd5Barry Deas & JW Willoughby0.00
24th8Chad Midkiff0.00
25th59Charles Hobbs & Matt Benge0.00
26th57Shawn Lawrence & Andrew Sandich0.00
27th55Mike Kirkley & Jessie Cadenhead0.00
28th73Joe Swain & Todd Barbee0.00
29th61Greg Storey & Charlotte Story0.00
30th71Luke Horn & Michael Smith0.00
31st64Boo Whitaker & John Miller0.00
32nd54Jeff Lewis0.00
33rd37Jeff Johnson & Chuck Poovey0.00
34th111Patrick King & Steve Austin0.00
35th81Jason Yount & Alton Rockett0.00
36th10Randall Sessoms & Kaylie Sessoms0.00
37th78Brian Davis & Terry Chapman0.00service coupon door prize
* Additional bonuses – $250.00 for buying a new Carolina Coach and Marine Triton boat and $50.00 for running our TeamProBass windshield decal. For more details, read our tournament rules.

Total Sunday Tournament Payout: $8,310.00

Total Winter Trail Tournament Payout: $17,580.00

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