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Jerry Bono & Jason Riggs

2013-2014 Winter Trail Results – Sunday 01/12/14

Here are the results for week seven of the TeamPROBass.com 2013-2014 Winter Trail (Formerly DJs Winter Trail). Congratulations to Ashley & Seth Brotherton for placing first in the tournament and earning additional cash for running a TeamPROBass.com sticker! Click in the search field to find participants by name.

1st 32Ashley Brotherton & Seth Brotherton13.70$1,000.00
2nd 108Anthony Johnson & Shane Lineberger13.50$500.00
3rd 15Nick Miller & Mac McCormick12.20$200.00
4th76Lance Zertuche & Maurice Wallace12.15$100.00
5th72John Franklin & Bobby Yank11.95
6th36Pete Bejte & Doug Easton11.90
7th113Jerry Craig & Kevin Lynch11.85
8th83Jerry Bono & Jason Riggs11.60$360 (big fish)
9th59John Blackmon & Matt Benge9.85
10th63Scott Tate & Dale Duncan9.60
11th64John Miller & Nor Low9.30
12th77Anthony Lutz & Brian Morgan9.25
13th9Steve Addington & Michael Steel8.75
14th24John Elliott & Dolph Hargis8.25
15th57Shaun Lawrence & Andrew Shundich7.75
16th81Jason Yount7.65
17th87Brian Key & Hunter Key7.65
18th114Harper Boyle & Chris Weathers5.80
19th14Larry Neill & Brandon Neill0.00
20th60Ben Parker & Allen Fogle0.00
21st56Kenny Hoyle & Todd Phillips0.00
22nd112Gene Wisniewski & Nick Wisniewski0.00
23rd61Greg Storey & Charlotte Story0.00
24th58Danny Allison & Mike Sharp0.00
25th3Michale Cloninger & Johnny Guffey0.00
26th27Randy Hedrick & Tim Medlin0.00
27th26Craig Rycroft & Charles Ray0.00
28th80Bucky Helms & Shane Hawkins0.00
29th73Todd Barbee & Joe Swain0.00
30th55Mike Kirkley & Jessie Cadenwherd0.00
31st43Matt McBee & Charles Brock0.00
32nd71Luke Horn & Michael Smith0.00
33rd54Jeff Lewis0.00
34th69Terry Royston0.00
35th115Mike Clark & John Allen0.00
36th78Brian Davis & Terry Chapman0.00
* Additional bonuses (not claimed this week) – $250.00 for buying a new Carolina Coach and Marine Triton boat. For more details, read our tournament rules.

Total Sunday Tournament Payout: $10,470.00

Total Winter Trail Tournament Payout: $22,080.00

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