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2013-2014 Winter Trail Fish-Off Results – Saturday 02/15/14

Here are the results for the Fish-Off of the TeamPROBass.com 2013-2014 Winter Trail (Formerly DJ’s Winter Trail). Congratulations to Dale Surrett & Brian Morgan for placing first in the final tournament event with a combined weight of 19.5 lbs.* Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2013-2014 Winter Trail series! You can join us again, starting March 10th for the 2014 Monday Night Spring Trail (formerly Fish With DJ Spring Trail). More details on the 2014 Monday Night Spring Trail series will be coming soon, so check back with us! For more information Call Mike at 704–634-1157 or e-mail him at mike@carolinacoach.com. Click in the search field to find participants by name.

1st44Dale Surrett & Brian Morgan19.50$4,000.00 + $50 for decal
2nd57Andrew Shundich & Chris Myatt18.70$1,800.00
3rd 108Anthony Johnson & Shane Lineberger17.95$800.00
4th42Matt Haywood & George Lewis17.95$500.00
5th102Kevin Toller & Rod Lambert16.85$400.00
6th9Steve Addington & Michael Steele16.80$300.00
7th92Doug Punch & Tim Bumgarner13.50$200.00
8th69Terry Royston & Graham Rushing12.60$150.00 + $370 big fish
9th25Chuck Knight & Mike Hall12.50$100.00
10th58Danny Allison & Mike Sharp12.25$100.00
11th31Jason Wilson & Kelly Logan12.05
12th36Pete Bejte & Doug Easton11.90
13th59Charles Hobbs & Matt Benge11.85
14th63Scott Tate & Dale Duncan11.75
15th34Robert Stiltner & Alfred Kiesling10.15
16th20Butch Holder & Joshua Holder10.05
17th84Mark Houser & Jim Duncan9.70
18th26Craig Rycroft & Charles Ray9.55
19th72Rocky Franklin & Yank Latuch7.55
20th83Jason Riggs & Chad Poteat7.15
21st19Tom Campagna & Rodney Russell5.95
22nd47Kenneth Stamey & Jerry Lineberger4.85
23rd14Larry Neill & Mark Beaver0.00
24th8Chad Midkiff & Rob Middleton0.00
25tn56Kenny Hoyle & Todd Phillips0.00
26tn15Nick Miller & Brandon Brickweg0.00
27th3Michael Cloninger & Johnny Guffey0.00
28th91Parroll Hagre & Ben Hagre0.00
29th81Jason Yount0.00
30th35Russell Ray & Rusty Ray0.00
31st64Boo Whitaker & John Miller0.00
32nd80Bucky Helms & Shane Hawkins0.00
33rd1Dave Snyder & Bryson O'Daniel0.00
34th10Randall Sessoms0.00
35th24John Elliott & Dennis Elliott0.00
36th78Terry Chapman & Brian Davis0.00
37th41Scott Hamrick & Roger Hoover0.00

* Additional bonuses – Not claimed, $250.00 for buying a new Carolina Coach and Marine Triton boat. For more details, read our tournament rules.

Total Saturday Tournament Payout: $25,120.00

Total Winter Trail Tournament Fish-Off Payout: $8,770.00

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