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2013-2014 Winter Trail Results – Saturday 02/01/14

Week nine of the TeamProBass.com 2013-2014 Winter Trail (Formerly DJs Winter Trail). Congratulations to Matt Haywood & George Lewis Thomasson, Jr. at 20.5 lbs. for placing first in the tournament and winning big fish! Click in the search field to find participants by name.

1st42Matt Haywood & George Lewis Thomasson, Jr.20.50$1,000.00 (Big Fish + $370)
2nd108Anthony Johnson & Shane Lineberger15.40$550.00
3rd 91Jeff Hager and Darrell Hager12.60$200.00
4th102Kevin Toller & Rob Lambert11.70$100.00
5th20Butch Holder & Dave Whitehead11.45
6th33Paul Tsiolkes & Anthony Tsiolkes11.45
7th36Pete Bejete & Doug Easton11.35
8th5Hank Cherry & Craig Chambers11.20
9th63Scott Tate & Dale Duncan11.15
10th90Brian Anderson & Brian Ervin10.60
11th47Kenneth Stamey & Jerry Lineberger10.50
12th1Dave Snyder & Bryson O'Daniel10.00
13th8Chad Midkiff & Rob Middleton9.35
14th26Craig Rycroft & Charles Ray9.20
15th116Andy Sipes & Stephen Crawford8.60
16th106Matthew Walters & Tommy Lambert8.60
17th40Bobby Lineberger & Dakota Lineberger8.50
18th3Reggie Guffey & Michael Cloninger8.50
19th44Dale Surrett & Cole Huskins7.80
20th2David Hildebran & Gary Little0.00
21st14Larry Neill & Brandon Neill0.00
22nd6Paul Foley & Tim Watwood0.00
23rd9Steve Addington & Michael Steele0.00
24th32Ashley Brotherton & Leo Thorsen0.00
25tn10Randall Sessoms & Kayli Sessoms0.00
26tn92Doug Punch & Rocky Franklin0.00
27th15Nick Miller0.00
28th84Mark Houser & Jim Duncan0.00
29th34Robert Stiltner & Alfred Kiesling0.00
30th119Kelly Johnson & Casey Howard0.00
31st95Bobby Williams & Byong Lee0.00
32nd53Tracy Brown & Rick Mast0.00
33rd49Billy Sipe & James Bullard0.00
34th25Chuck Knight & Mike Hall0.00
35th35Russell Ray & Rusty Ray0.00
36th27Randy Hedrick & Tim Medlin0.00
37th41Scott Hamrick & Roger Hoover0.00
* Additional bonuses – Not earned, $250.00 for buying a new Carolina Coach and Marine Triton boat and $50.00 for running our TeamProBass windshield decal. For more details, read our tournament rules.

Total Saturday Tournament Payout: $16,350.00

Total Winter Trail Tournament Payout: $26,450.00

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