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Are you ready for the 2013-2014 Winter Trail fish-off?!?

2013-2014 Winter Trail Results – Sunday 02/09/14

Here are the results for week ten of the TeamPROBass.com 2013-2014 Winter Trail (Formerly DJs Winter Trail). Congratulations to Kevin Toller & Rod Lambert for placing first in the tournament with a combined 15 lbs. even.* Click in the search field to find participants by name.

1st 102Kevin Toller & Rod Lambert15.00$900.00
2nd 46Hank Cherry & Reid McGavin13.70$400.00 (+ Big Fish $320)
3rd 41Scott Hamrick & Chuck Poovey13.45$200.00
4th9Michael Steele & Steve Addington12.65$100.00
5th57Andrew Shundich & Chris Myatt12.30
6th108Shane Lineberger & Anthony Johnson11.95
7th63Scott Tate & Dale Duncan11.75
8th6Paul Foley & Tim Watwood11.75
9th55Mike Kirkley & Jessie Cadenwherd11.40
10th59Charles Hobbs & Matt Benge11.05
11th69Terry Roysten & Graham Rushing10.45
12th36Pete Bejte & Doug Easton10.20
13th8Chad Midkiff & Rob Middleton8.95
14th14Larry Neill & Brandon Neill8.55
15th56Kenny Hoyle & Lee Hoyle0.00
16th83Jerry Bono & Chad Poteat0.00
17th43Matt McBee & Charles Brock0.00
18th15Nick Miller & Mac McCormick0.00
19th58Mike Sharp & Danny Allison0.00
20th81Jason Yount0.00
21st80Bucky Helms & Shane Hawkins0.00
22nd64Boo Whitaker & John Miller0.00
23rd24John Elliott & Jason Padgett0.00
24th10Randall Sessoms0.00
25th116Andy Sipes & Adam William0.00
26th120Rob Digh & Marco Malueell0.00
27th72Rocky Franklin & Yannk Latuch0.00
28th115Michael Clark0.00
29th54Jeff Lewis0.00
30th53Tracy Brown0.00
31st78Brian Davis & Jamie Dester0.00
32nd106Tommy Lambert & Scott Hagans0.00
* Additional bonuses – Not claimed, $250.00 for buying a new Carolina Coach and Marine Triton boat and $50.00 for running our TeamProBass windshield decal. For more details, read our tournament rules.

Total Sunday Tournament Payout: $13,950.00

Total Winter Trail Tournament Payout: $28,370.00