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Carolina Coach and Marine Team ProBass Monday Night Spring Trail Fishing Tournament

2014 Monday Night Results: May 12th, 2014

Here are the results for week four of the TeamPROBass.com 2014 Spring Trail . Congratulations to Dale Surrett & Brian Morgan Sr for placing first in the tournament with a combined 15.45 lbs.*

1st 26Dale Surrett & Brian Morgan16.10$550.00 Big Fish $240
2nd 30Thomas Story & Kelly Johnson15.65$350.00
3rd 4Cliff Kirby & Eddie Black13.75$200.00
4th40Ronnie Pittman & Terry Pittman12.75$100.00
5th14Travis Osborn & Dillion Painter12.50
6th10Johnthan Foster & Jason Dehart11.80
7th2Steve Addington & Matt Stout10.65
8th15Steven Hobbs & Ryan Hardwick9.90
9th38Matt McBee & Charlie Brock9.55
10th12Larry Neill & Mark Beaver8.20
11th1Dave Snyder & Bobby Derrick7.75
12th47Brandon Abernathy & Bailey Abernathy7.30
13th28Johnny Guffey & Mike Cloninger7.00
14th5Tim Medlin & Chris Bohner6.80
15th29Clint McCorkle & Evan Sipe6.15
16th6Shaun Lawrence & Andrew Shundich0.00
17th3Dwight Beattie & Scot Beattie0.00
18th8Mac Lowe & Kyle Whisnant0.00
19th18Nick Miller & Mac McMormick0.00
20th35Craig Chambers & Chris Chambers0.00
21st7Alfred Kiesling Sr & Larry Houser0.00
22nd16Michael Hobbs & David Parlee0.00
23rd23Rick Wingate & Dennis Davidson0.00
24th19Scott Hamrick & Chuck Poovey0.00

* Additional bonuses – $200.00 for buying a new Carolina Coach and Marine Triton boat and $50.00 for running our TeamProBass windshield decal. For more details, read our tournament rules.

Total Monday Tournament Payout: $1440.00

Total Spring Trail Tournament : $13,420