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2014 Monday Night Results June 2nd, 2014

Here are the results for week four of the TeamPROBass.com 2014 Spring Trail . Congratulations to Dwight Beattie & Scot Beattie for placing first in the tournament with a combined 11.20 lbs.*

1st 3Dwight Beattie & Scot Beattie11.2650 gift cert.
2nd 1Dave Snyder & Bobby Derrick11.05350
3rd 18Nick Miller & Mac McCormick10.85200 Big Fish $260
4th24Bryan Lefever & Rob Wright10.7100
5th19Scott Hamrick & Chuck Poovey10.6
6th16Michael Hobbs & David Clubb10.55
7th8Kyle Whisnant & Mac Lowe10.35
8th25Ronnie Pittman & Terry Pittman10
9th6Shaun Lawrence & Andrew Shundich9.7
10th30Kelly Johnson & Jeff Johnson8.95
11th26Dale Surrett & Brian Morgan8.95
12th41Tracy Brown 8.85
13th11Matt Benge & Joshua Benge8.7tackle pack
14th21Steve Austin & Roger Wood8
15th23Rick Wingate & Dennis Davidson7.6 gift cert.
16th14Dillon Painter7.45
17th2Steve Addington & Matt Stout0
18th12Larry Neill & Mark Beaver0
19th10Johnathan Foster & Jason Dehart0
20th49Mike Stephens0
21st28Michael Cloninger & Reggie Guffey0
22nd5Tim Medlin & Chris Bohner0
23rd13Butch Holder & Joshua Holder0
24th7Larry Houser0
25th32Jason Wilson & Tyler Beam0
26th15Steven Hobbs & Ryan Hardwick0

* Additional bonuses – $200.00 for buying a new Carolina Coach and Marine Triton boat and $50.00 for running our TeamProBass windshield decal. For more details, read our tournament rules.

Total Monday Tournament Payout: $1560.00

Total Spring Trail Tournament : $18,340.00


Hey Guys,

This was our last Monday night Trail 1 event and we are now getting ready for the June 9th Fish Off Event!

For those of you who fished Trail 1, your membership covers your participation in Trail 2 automatically.  If you did not pay a membership fee, then a fee of $25 is required to fish Trail 2.  Need more information, call Mike at 704-634-1157.

Trail 1 has been a great experience for all involved!  A lot of fish caught, many different winners and some big spots and largemouths weighed in…and no serious accidents!

Don’t miss Monday night, Trail 2.  Great fellowship with the best bass fishermen in North Carolina.  As always, 100%+ payback.  Help us recruit more high quality fisherman so the payout will be larger and we can dig deeper into Triton’s pockets!  Think TRITON GOLD!  Best payout program in the country.

Don’t own a Triton boat yet?  Call Mike, Rhodney, Chris or John so you can compete with the Big Boys!  We’re trading like crazy and putting top dollar in clean, well maintained rigs, regardless of brand.  1-888-BOAT DEAL.  From the bottom of my heart, we truly appreciate your encouragement and support.