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2014 Monday Night Winter Trail 1 Winners – 11/17/2014

Here are the results for week four of the TeamPROBass.com 2014 Winter Trail . Congratulations to Jason Wilson & Kelly Logan for placing first in the tournament with a combined 15.40 lbs.*

1ST22Jason Wilson & Kelly Logan7515.41100$450 Big Fish$50 Gift Certificate
2ND16Jeff Hager & Darrell Hager7413.45540
3RD4Dave Whitehead and Michael Fox7312.05400
4TH39Pete Bejte & Doug Easton7211.75260
5TH28Chad Atchley & Butch Canter7111.7200
6TH10Alan Whitaker & John Miller7011.55120
7TH34Scott Hamrick & Roger Hoover6911.580
8TH43Casey Howard & Kelly Johnson680
9TH26Tom Campagna & Rodney Russell670
10TH13Nathan Weber & Hunter Harwell660
11TH8Brent White & Cody Andrews650
12TH11Steve Addington & Michael Steele640
13TH25Matt McBee & Brent Long630
14TH2David Hildebran & Gary Little620
15TH33Craig Chambers & Keith Ogden610
16TH24Eric Self & Ricky Self600
17TH6Mark Houser & Jim Duncan590
18TH32Ashley Brotherton580
19TH29Bobby Derrick & Hank Cherry570
20TH1Dave Snyder & Byron Odaniel560
21ST9Mike Stephens550
22ND12Nick Miller & Brandon Brickweg540
23RD18Doug Punch & Tim Bumgarner530
24TH27David Greene & Mark Cass520
25TH41Matt Haywood & Donnie Cooper510
26TH38Shane Lineberger & Anthony Johnson500
26TH3Chad Midkiff & Rob Middleton500
26TH5Randy Hedrick500
26TH7Chuck Culley & Christian Johnson500
26TH14Gene Wisnierski & Nick Wisnierski500
26TH15Shorty & Patrick Tierney500
26TH17Allen Wyatt & David Whitson500
26TH19Russell Grig & Paul Miller500
26TH20Larry Niel & Ryan Hardwick500
26TH21Brian Sorrell & Scott Henley500
26TH23Tim Medlin & Scott Wyatt500
26TH30Daniel Ray & Rusty Ray500
26TH31Billy Sipe & Jamie Bullard500
26TH35Scott Plattenburg & Bryan Plattenburg500
26TH36Bob Lineberger & Dakota Lineberger500
26TH37Dennis Elliott & John Elliott500
26TH40John Parker & Rudy Moss500
26TH42Mike Fenniger500
26TH45Tracey Brown500
26TH44Chuck Knight & Michael Hill500


Total Monday Tournament Payout: $2,700.00

Total Winter Trail Tournament : $2,700.00