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2014 Winter Trail Results

Here are the results for week four of the TeamPROBass.com 2014 Winter Trail . Congratulations to Jason Wilson & Kelly Logan for placing first in the tournament with a combined 15.40 lbs.*

Week 1       
1ST32Hank Cherry & Shane Lineberger7514.7960
2ND33Shane Lahew & Adam Waters7413.95940
3RD11Steve Addington & Michael Steele7313.3280
4TH26Kevin Toler & Rodney Lambert7212.55120
5TH29Brian Morgan & Anthony Lutz711280
6TH5Mike Stephens & Chris Gravely7011.60
7TH21Chris Brown & Robert Boyles6911.50
8TH24Scott Hamrick & Roger Hoover6811.450
9TH4Jerry Bono & Jason Riggs6710.90
10TH20Jeff Conner6610.650
11TH28Jeff Johnson & Chuck Poovey6510.650
12TH19Scott Tate & Dale Duncan6410.550
13TH8Brian Sorrell & Scott Henley6310.550
14TH16Jason Yount6210.10
16TH12Ashley Brotherton & Leo Thorson609.950
17TH30Larry Yancey & Milton Yancey599.70
18TH17Nick Miller & Brandon Brickweg589.150
19TH9Scott Collins & Carl Levingston579.050
20TH25Donnie Woody & Brian Smith568.850
21ST27Lance Latuche & Maurice Wallace558.550
22ND10Jeremy Joyner & Tony Martin548.150
23RD13Roy Berson & Steve Bullsbey5380
24TH23Michael Daedgecock & Michael Bryant527.850
25TH3Charles Hobbs & Howard Simmons517.850
26TH1Chuck Culley & Christian Johnson507.70
26TH6Chris Koons507.250
26TH31Larry Yancey & Milton Yancey597.40
26TH22Terry Rogston & Graham Rushing506.90
26TH15Dave Whitehead & Michael Fox506.350
26TH18Tim Medlin & Scott Wyatt504.90
26TH2John Miller504.850
26TH7Chris Myatt & Andrew Shundich5000
26TH34Matt McBee5000


Total 2014 Winter Trail Tournament Payout: $2,380.00

Total Winter Trail Tournament : $5,080.00