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2014/2015 Winter Trail Weekly Winners


Each team will now pay $100 to fish the weekend. If you double qualified, you are allowed to fish Saturday under one number and Sunday under your other number but you must pay another $100 to be eligible to make two checks. you cannot fish two teams for two days! Big fish will be taken out of the original $100 fee for the first day your team signs up, but there is an additional $10 fee per team for the next days big fish pot. Each day has a separate big fish pot and each team will use their highest weight for the weekends final weight Talley’s!




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Don’t miss our 2014 Winter Trail.  Great fellowship with the best bass fishermen in North Carolina.  As always, 100%+ payback.  Help us recruit more high quality fisherman so the payout will be larger and we can dig deeper into Triton’s pockets!  Think TRITON GOLD!  Best payout program in the country.

Don’t own a Triton boat yet?  Call Mike or John so you can compete with the Big Boys!  We’re trading like crazy and putting top dollar in clean, well maintained rigs, regardless of brand.  1-888-BOAT DEAL.  From the bottom of my heart, we truly appreciate your encouragement and support.


Sunday Winter Trail      
PlaceTeam #TeamNet WeightBig FishPointsEarnings
152Rob Digh ‐ Bryan Thrift17.356.5575$ 1,000.00
217Nick Miller ‐ Brandon Brickwig15.95.174$ 600.00
35Mike Stevens ‐ Chris Gravley13.953.2573$ 380.00
44Jerry Bono ‐ Jason Riggs12.652.5572$ 100.00
57Chris Myatt ‐ Andrew Shundich12.23.0571$ 80.00
634Matt McBee ‐ Matt Haywood12.053.3570
767Cole Huskins ‐ Tristen Trull11.452.869
816Jason Yount ‐ David Hendrix11.353.4568
926Kevin Toler ‐ Rodney Lambert11.153.1567
108Brian Sorrell ‐ Scott Henley10.852.966
1158Stephen McLead ‐ Mark Konzer10.72.265
1221Chris Brown ‐ Robert Boyles10.63.2564
1368Brad Zieglar10.62.463
1419Scott Tate ‐ Dale Duncan10.32.262
1533Shane Lehew ‐ Adam Waters10.3261
1611Steve Addington ‐ Michael Steele9.92.2560
1751Michael Fuller ‐ Billy Collins9.82.159
1828Jeff Johnson ‐ Chuck Poovey9.752.458
1970Michael Gibson ‐ Dwayne Hughes9.152.257
2024Scott Hamrick ‐ Loui Hull8.754.1556
213Charles Hobbs ‐ Matt Benge8.652.4555
2222Terry Rogston ‐ Graham Rushing8.652.2554
2315Dave Whiteherd ‐ Michael Fox8.652.253
2431Tracy Brown8.52.452
2529Brian Morgan ‐ Andy Lutz8.352.151
2630Larry Yancy ‐ Milton Yancy8.33.8550
276Chris Koons7.75250
2810Jeremy Joyner ‐ Tony Martin6.82.550
3018Tim Medlin ‐ Scott Wyatt0050
3125Donnie Woody ‐ Brian Smith0050
3227Lance Latuche ‐ Maurice Wallace0050
3350Paul Tsiolkns0050
3456Pete Bejte ‐ Ashley Brotherton0050
3564Bobby Williams ‐ Beyong Lee0050
3665Larry Lehew0050